Fotos del Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzi circa 1899. Aparecen en el libro “Photo-Gravures of Picturesque Puerto Rico“, publicado en San Juan por Hardie Bros. en el año 1899.

Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzi

Localización del Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzi en el Viejo San Juan

Foto del cementerio tomada el 22 de junio de 2107

Según lee parte de la introducción de este libro:

“It has evidently been the desire of the Spanish property owners and officials to keep the outside world in ignorance of the rich attractions of Puerto Rico. This gem of the sea, one of the loveliest and most fertile islands of the world, abounding in natural resources and advantages, beautiful in scenery and delightful in climate, was about as little known to the United States previous to its acquisition as are some of the unexplored islands of the southern Pacific. To the traveler from the states, especially from the northern sections, arriving in winter, the appearance of Puerto Rico is delightfully inviting with its suggestion of perpetual spring. In the picturesque beauty of its hills and valleys, and its charming dress of luxuriant vegetation, its masses of gorgeous colored flowers, and its stately trees of the plains and the mountain forests, the natural attractions, of this rich and voluptuous country are readily apparent and delight the senses, which revele in the welcome change from the snow and ice in the northern climes.”

El pié de la foto lee: “Cemetery and Morro Castle, San Juan. This cemetery on the north side is overshadowed by Morro Castle and has a remarkably striking and beautifully suggestive entrance down an inclined plane under a stone arch to an imposing gateway of stone and iron. It is surrounded by a wall of solid masonry.”

Foto del cementerio tomada el 22 de junio de 2017

Hemos incorporada ésta foto a nuestro Mapa interactivo de fotos históricas de Puerto Rico, el cual incluye una gran cantidad de fotos históricas geolocalizadas sobre un mapa de Puerto Rico.

Puede ver y descargar copia digital de este libro en la página web del Library of Congress. El mismo contiene sobre 70 fotos en blanco y negro tomadas alrededor del año 1899 en distintos lugares de Puerto Rico.

Fuente: Library of Congress via The Internet Archive